Metallic Foil Stamping is a unique kind of printing procedure where heat, pressure, and a metallic foil is used to create different shiny designs and graphics on various materials. Foil stamping gives the stamped design a shiny and metal look and is increasingly becoming the preferred method of printing in many area.


wedding invitation


business card


post card


presentation folder




greeting card


Christmas Card


Event Printing (holographic foil)

2 Different Foil Printing Process

There are two processes we use to add foil to your printed project – the traditional method, which uses a foil stamping machine, and foil fusing, which is a digital process. Determining which process is best suited to your project will vary by job.  However, the effect is very similar, let us worry how to make it happen!

Traditional Foiling

  • Require a metal die with higher initial setup cost, and longer turnaround time
  • Suitable for long run beyond 500+
  • Wider range of color available

Digital Foil Fusing

  • Die-less foiling process, we can rush production if necessary.
  • Variable data foil application is possible.
  • Suitable for short run to medium small size product.
  • Limited color available (gold, silver, matte gold, red, green, blue)

List of color available

  • 3.5″x2″ 14pt business card
  • CMYK 2 sided printing
  • High quality digital printing
  • 2 sided foil included (Gold or Silver)
  • 3 days turnaround time
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