What is White Ink Printing?

In the past we’ve only had Cyan Magenta Yellow and blacK – white was the default paper color and the only way to have white color on your printed product was not to print any color covering it.

Well say goodbye to the days of “white paper + color” technique because here at Unico, we give you the option of white ink printing.

As the name implies, white ink printing is the process of printing white onto your choice of color paper stock!

White ink printing, especially on dark (black) or metallic paper stock creates a suave and polished look – something that will definitely create an impression on the person receiving your printed product.

How does this process work?

There are more than one way to achieve white printing, we usually use one of the following technique.
– White foil stamping
– White Toner digital printing
– White screen printing (UV or solvent)
– White Letterpress print
However, there is no magic formula to solving the white on black challenge.  It will be our job to determine the best way to make this happen!